The Waitress Diary
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Genere: Romanzo Rosa
Tag: arezzo, Diary, tuscany, Waitress
Editore: Laura Bondi
Anno di Pubblicazione: 2014
ISBN: 9781500879761
dreams and stories of an Italian girl
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Elisabetta is a young Italian girl who lives in Arezzo, a small town in Tuscany. As she’s studying to become a lawyer, her boyfriend asks to set up house, so she needs more money and has to work as a waitress in a café-confectionery. Although she’s experienced, at the beginning it’s very hard, also because the town is small and it’s easy to meet the same people… even those she could have never expected.
Elisabetta has to reckon not only with the customers but also with her bosses and their daughters.
When everything seems to go on well, something will suddenly change her life and she has to start again.
In a fascinating Arezzo, suspended between the spirit of the place and the contemporary frenzy, the novel is written as a diary by the main character, who wants to write down her extraordinary ordinary life.This is the English translation of the Italian e-book “Il Diario di una Cameriera”, BestSeller


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